I am a candidate for the Minnesota State Senate seat in District 1 because of my deep roots in and commitment to Northwest Minnesota. I was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota and grew up in the “hollow” in Red Lake Falls.  Red Lake Falls is a very unique community, first visited by French fur traders in the early 1800’s and settled by French and German Catholics and Norwegian Lutherans.  There were many different neighborhoods in Red Lake Falls and the “hollow” was at the bottom of the hill between the courthouse and the “northside”.   I am the oldest of six children of Keith and Sandy Fontaine.  Dad was a Teamster, driving the yellow tanker trucks for Transport, Inc. all over Northwest Minnesota, delivering gas and petroleum products. Mom drove school bus for the Red Lake Falls School District. When Dad retired, he “worked” for mom and drove bus in Red Lake Falls.
My brothers and sisters, Kelly, Karl, Kris, Kraig and Kirk, plus me (yeah, all K’s) were very fortunate to spend our summers on Maple Lake. Our grandparents, Orville and Clarice Ulland, bought land on the northeast side of Maple Lake in 1960.  Grandma saw the pasture between the farmhouse and the lake and had a vision to open a campground.  In 1964, her vision was realized and Ulland’s Resort was opened.  My family spent every summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, at the resort working at and enjoying the lake.

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